I realized…I am really terrible at reviewing, editing, and posting my photos after taking them. This is a trip I took back in October 2015, and finally got around to pulling the photos off my camera today, April 2016. Oh well, lucky WordPress has a backdate feature :). So, took this trip to Mississippi for […]

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For awhile now, I’ve been drawn to the Pacific Northwest. Not sure what it is…maybe it’s the amazingly clean air…or the beauty of all the green foliage as far as the eye can see…or the earnestness of smaller town people…or even the romance I somehow find in gloomy weather. I’ve always thought that the PNW

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roy choi


Tacolandia…an all-you-can eat taco festival in LA. Over 80 taco vendors…unfortunately I maxed out at probably around 12. There was some pretty good stuff, but I’d say nothing spectacular. Overall, a very organized and fun event. It was hard to grab photos with all the eating going on…but here’s a few. I usually don’t go

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Scot The Bike Smith

Finally got the ol’ girl the attention she deserves…after being held captive in my garage for several years. I finally decided to throw in the towel, and got some professional help to get her back up and running. I found this guy, Scot, the Mobile BikeSmith, and was so impressed with his craftsmanship…and quite honestly, with

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