Thoughts on Travel

I used to travel…a lot. Most of it was in my early 20’s. I just craved it constantly. Other travelers called this the “travel bug”…which was a great description cause it definitely felt like a disease I couldn’t shake. To me, the intrigue was that you could explore an entirely different world, an alternate universe…and […]

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Site Redesign

So it seems my normal cycle of getting tired of my personal site…and feeling embarrassed about how dated it looks…is around three years. Doing the math…it’s been almost three years since my last redesign…so I suppose it’s time for a change. I’m still keeping it really simple, sticking with the one-page scroller concept. I realized my

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My First Mondo

So for a while, I’ve been thinking of how to decorate my walls. I think I’m suffering from the Steve Jobs syndrome, where he left his personal home unadorned and unfurnished for many years…my guess, most likely due to the inability to find perfect pieces that would fit his aesthetic. I’m hoping to not live

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Font Awesome Stencil

Thought this was an appropriate post, since the last two was about OmniGraffle and icon fonts. Was feeling generous today, so decided to polish up and release an OmniGraffle stencil I created for my personal work. Basically, this stencil is a collection of all the Font Awesome icons, generously made available by Dave Gandy. I

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OmniGraffle vs Photoshop

I’ve attended several tech/design conferences recently, and one mental scorecard I was keeping tabs on was how many designers still use Photoshop for their web design comps. Consistently, many of the designers I spoke to still predominantly chose Photoshop as their tool of choice for their visual design comps. Why? I’ll admit, I was a

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Maitre De L’Affiche

I started looking into this art movement Maîtres de l’Affiche (Masters of the Poster), after visiting this little boutique in South Pasadena that was closing down. I can’t recall what kind of shop it was, but basically, everything was for sale…the products, fixtures, furniture, some good stuff, some bad. But there was only one item that

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User Dissatisfaction Drives Me

As a product designer, I love this quote… User Satisfaction Inspires Me…User Dissatisfaction Drives Me I’m sure most product managers and UX designers would agree that user satisfaction is a big motivation for producing great work. Happy users are inspiring, their words provide affirmation & personal gratification, and positive reinforcement is a great stimulus to

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Man and Machine

Continuing with my “favorite things” thoughts…one big one is definitely my Triumph Bonneville (pictured above). There’s something about motorcycles…man, machine, open road, wind in your face, bugs in your teeth…it’s one of the most liberating feelings. For several years, I tried substituting this feeling with a convertible Mustang…it just wasn’t the same. My favorite motorcycles are

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