Font Awesome Stencil

Thought this was an appropriate post, since the last two was about OmniGraffle and icon fonts.

Was feeling generous today, so decided to polish up and release an OmniGraffle stencil I created for my personal work. Basically, this stencil is a collection of all the Font Awesome icons, generously made available by Dave Gandy. I rarely get a chance to give back to the web community, so hopefully, this OmniGraffle stencil helps someone out there. I personally use the Font Awesome icon set a lot in my wireframes and comps…and I know it’s supported out-of-the-box by Twitter Bootstrap.

As Font Awesome adds to their icon set and releases new versions, I’ll follow the versions and commit the changes to the stencil on GitHub.

To use, make sure you first go to the Font Awesome website to download the system font file and install the font on your computer. Then, go to my GitHub project, download the stencil, double-click the stencil file, and install the stencil in OmniGraffle. Here are the relevant links you’ll need:


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