User Dissatisfaction Drives Me

As a product designer, I love this quote…

User Satisfaction Inspires Me…User Dissatisfaction Drives Me

I’m sure most product managers and UX designers would agree that user satisfaction is a big motivation for producing great work. Happy users are inspiring, their words provide affirmation & personal gratification, and positive reinforcement is a great stimulus to most anyone.

When happy users exist, it’s often easy to focus on them, while sidelining the dissatisfied ones. It’s convenient to brush off unhappy users as outliers or people who just don’t “get it”.

This quote reminds me to always take heed of pain points from unhappy users, take personal ego out of the equation, and allow negative feedback to motivate better design.

A product will never satisfy 100% of users 100% of the time, so negative feedback will invariably exist. The art is learning how to absorb and leverage negative feedback in a useful way. Attending to negative feedback can often make the difference between producing a good product versus a GREAT product.

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