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Hello, I'm Pat Cheung.

I'm a designer, author, podcaster, and the founder of Fanlist. I really enjoy podcasts, and I love being a part of this amazing industry. 

My Company.

I’m the founder and CEO of Fanlist, a platform that helps podcasters engage and monetize their fan base.

Creators can instantly setup a fan page, where fans can leave audio messages, ask questions, give a donation, buy perks, join a chat room, and much more. 

My Podcast.

I produce & host Podcast Growth Hacks. A weekly podcast where I talk to other podcasters to learn how they grew their audience. It’s my way of continually learning about audience growth and sharing how it works.

My Books.

My dream job out of college was to be a screenwriter. Yup, I studied English literature at Berkeley. I haven’t written that elusive screenplay yet…but I still love writing.

They say, “write what you know.” So I wrote several books on fan engagement. These are meant to be read on a short plane ride (as all business books should be). Read these books…your fans will thank me.

My Conference.

I believe in community, and I love my town, Portland Oregon. The creative spirit is strong here, so what better place to host a gathering of independent podcasters. Thus, PodConf was born.

Past Projects.

Some projects I’ve worked on…

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Silversheet connects healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities in a more efficient and compliant way.

acquired 2019
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Propopen is a site builder & marketing platform for realtors, empowering them to capture, nuture, and convert new leads.​

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Mod Mason

Mod Mason is lifestyle apparel brand inspired by the aesthetics of vintage motorcycles and cafe racer culture.

My Blog.

Some thoughts I’ve had…

Thoughts on Travel

I used to travel…a lot. Most of it was in my early 20’s. I just craved it constantly. Other travelers called this the “travel bug”…which was a great description cause ...
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